Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve(again)

Yesterday I went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve again. Shawn had to wait for someone so I went there first. These was what I saw:

Can you spot the Clouded Monitor in this picture?

The lizard in this picture might be a Sun Skink.

This snake is either the Elegant Bronzeback or the Blue Bronzeback. After seeking help from an animal expert called Nick Baker, I found out its a Blue Bronzeback.

Shawn came right after I saw the snake. We took some pictures of the snake and move on with our journey. These was what we saw:

A type of flower. Anyone knows what is it?

A nice little cricket.

Yap. Two snakes that day. This beautiful snake is either the Oriental Whip Snake or the Malayan Whip Snake. Through further examinations, I say it is the Malayan Whip Snake.

This poor colourful caterpillar had been killed by ants.

Has anyone seen this type of grasshopper before? I have not.

This spider is a female Golden Web Spider. I like its colours. It can grow about 5 cm measuring from the head to the tip of its abdomen.

A treehopper. Cute isn't it? Hmm... Maybe I should buy a book on insects. This way I can identify the insects I saw.

The second and the third caterpillars of the day. Colourful and hairy. Hmm... Maybe I should buy a book on caterpillars too.

This Clouded Monitor is digging for food. It feeds mainly on small animals which it often find digging in the substrate.

This spider is most likely to be the Common Housefly Catcher. It had caught a moth. This picture proves that spiders sometimes catch preys bigger than themselves.

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