Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hunting Trips

An apology for not posting for a long time. I could not find time for it. Lets start from the first day.
I found a Praying Mantis that flew into my home. Sorry if the picture is too blur. In school, my friend and i found an Asian Toad, a hanging spider most likely a Common Big-jawed Spider, a few caterpillars and a Changeable Lizard. The picture will be shown below.
On the second day of my hunting, I found two Asian Toad. One of them is in a drain and the other in a field. If you are interested in flowers, I also took a picture of a white flower. Anyone have any ideas what flower is that? I also found a Changeable Lizard. All these are found near my house.
The next hunting trip is in MacRitchie Reservoir. I spotted two Plantain Squirrel, a bee hive, a Long-tailed Macaque and a Red-eared Slider.
The next one is with my friend in Boon Lay. We first went to a small pond which is like a small swamp. After long hours of finding, we spotted nothing. Just as we are about to leave, we saw something jumped among the grass. It was a Field Frog. This nocturnal insectivore was what we were finding for the last few months but could not as they were well camouflaged. On a small tree near my friend's block, I found a grasshopper.
This is the end.

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