Friday, November 7, 2008

Yet Another Trip to B.T.N.R

Today morning went for my cca, which was doing nothing. How boring, taking up my time for hunting.
I and my friend,Shawn, managed to reach Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by 2:45. Went to the Kampong Trail first. We spotted a Common Sun Skink. Got a close up shot of it. ( To tell the truth, it was my friend who took the picture. He is pro in photo taking)
Walked further down and saw a strange moth. Then a sound surprised me. It was caused by a Clouded Monitor. It ran, more like crawled into the undergrowth.
We went back to the visitor centre and went up the main road to see if the Wagler's Pit Viper is still there. It was said that the viper would sometimes stay at a spot for days. We did not see it. While walking back to get ourselves a drink, we saw a spider and a type of cricket. Not really sure what they were.
That was the end of our trip, but our journey have not ended. We will go back some day to look for more animals.

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