Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hunting Trips

An apology for not posting for a long time. I could not find time for it. Lets start from the first day.
I found a Praying Mantis that flew into my home. Sorry if the picture is too blur. In school, my friend and i found an Asian Toad, a hanging spider most likely a Common Big-jawed Spider, a few caterpillars and a Changeable Lizard. The picture will be shown below.
On the second day of my hunting, I found two Asian Toad. One of them is in a drain and the other in a field. If you are interested in flowers, I also took a picture of a white flower. Anyone have any ideas what flower is that? I also found a Changeable Lizard. All these are found near my house.
The next hunting trip is in MacRitchie Reservoir. I spotted two Plantain Squirrel, a bee hive, a Long-tailed Macaque and a Red-eared Slider.
The next one is with my friend in Boon Lay. We first went to a small pond which is like a small swamp. After long hours of finding, we spotted nothing. Just as we are about to leave, we saw something jumped among the grass. It was a Field Frog. This nocturnal insectivore was what we were finding for the last few months but could not as they were well camouflaged. On a small tree near my friend's block, I found a grasshopper.
This is the end.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today's Trip to Sentosa

Woke up in the morning at about 9:15 and found my grandmother sitting in the living room. My grandmother came from China. We are going to tour around Sentosa today.
We sat a taxi to the cable-car station and sat on a cable-car. When we reached Sentosa, I decided to go to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom first. When i enter, i saw lots of information on butterflies. We saw 2 snakes in the Insect Kingdom. One is the Oriental Whip Snake, the other is the Reticulated Python. Then i saw a turtle with a long neck. Not sure what its name was. I was allowed to carry to scorpions, most likely the Asian Forest Scorpion. They were quite tame.
I saw a leaf insect too. After that, i went to see a parrot show shown in the Butterfly Park. All the parrots were very clever in performing tricks. I saw a Malayan Box Turtle in the pond.
Afterwards, we went to watch a 4D show. Wow! I like the effects. After the show, we went to the Underwater World. There were many fishes to be seen. My favourite part is the Jellyfish section.
Then, we headed to the animal show called multi-animal encounters. There were the Pig-tailed Macaque, White-bellied Eagle, Malayan Water Moniter and an Albino Burmese Rock Python.
Night came and we went to watch the Songs of the Sea. The effects are breath taking. After watching the show, our trip ended. We sat a cable-car, went back to the station and sat a taxi home.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yet Another Trip to B.T.N.R

Today morning went for my cca, which was doing nothing. How boring, taking up my time for hunting.
I and my friend,Shawn, managed to reach Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by 2:45. Went to the Kampong Trail first. We spotted a Common Sun Skink. Got a close up shot of it. ( To tell the truth, it was my friend who took the picture. He is pro in photo taking)
Walked further down and saw a strange moth. Then a sound surprised me. It was caused by a Clouded Monitor. It ran, more like crawled into the undergrowth.
We went back to the visitor centre and went up the main road to see if the Wagler's Pit Viper is still there. It was said that the viper would sometimes stay at a spot for days. We did not see it. While walking back to get ourselves a drink, we saw a spider and a type of cricket. Not really sure what they were.
That was the end of our trip, but our journey have not ended. We will go back some day to look for more animals.