Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dragons of the Insect Kingdom

Dragonflies are a well known and fascinating order of insects.
They have strong biting mouthparts and are active and aggressive carnivores, preying mostly on other insects. Dragonflies are also the closest thing the natural world has got to a helicopter. The insects do not simply flap their wings, but twist them back and forth to create a little vortex that lifts the insect.

These dragonfly pictures are taken in my school. All of them are called the Slender Skimmer.

Check out its compound eyes.

These eyes may each contain as many as 30 000 individual lenses. Because of this, dragonflies have exceptionally good eyesight and have been known to respond to movements from more than 40 feet away.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colourful Snake

You might have seen this snake before.

The snake you are staring at now is called the Paradise Tree Snake. I found this beauty along the entrance of Sungei Buloh, chewing on a yummy gecko. If you want to see it without travelling far, you can look for it in your garden. This creature can be found everywhere in Singapore, even in urban gardens. It is mildly venomous and feeds mainly on lizards and small birds, and is also capable of gliding. Some individuals, like this one, have red 'flower' pattern along the middle of the back.