Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Yo people. Its quite long since i posted anything.
I went to B.T.N.R with my friend again today. At first, i thought we would not find anything as usual. But my hopes rose when i saw a gliding lizard, most likely a Black-bearded Gliding lizard. We saw a strange insect too
Then we went to the summit, where we found a type of caterpillar. We walked down the hill by the other road. We saw a 'squirrel' but at closer look, it was actually a Common Tree Shrew. Then, along the path, we saw..... a snake! It was a type of keelback and after research, concluded the it was a Spotted Keelback. It was eating a frog! Most likely the Dark-sided Chorus Frog.
On our way down, we spotted a juvenile Wagler's Pit Viper. Wow! 2 snakes in a row.
Today was a complete success.

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