Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day at Upper Pierce Reservoir

I am writing this today but the trip happened yesterday. I went with my father by taxi to the Old Upper Thompson road and went into the reservoir by the main gate.
The first thing i saw was two wild dogs. I only manage to take a picture of one of them as the other one ran into the woods.

I expect this dog was sniffing for food when I saw it. It quickly ran into the woods after seeing me approaching it.

A Long-tailed Macaque in the middle of the road. The macaques found around the reservoir were all afraid of humans, unlike the ones in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This is a good sign. It showed that no one fed the macaques that lived around the reservoir.

Can you spot the yellow dragonfly in this picture? I saw it flying around and grabbed the chance to take a photo of it resting.

The dragonfly on this tree bark was well camouflaged. Can you spot it?

This spider jumped in front of me. At first I thought it was an ant. After examining it, I realised that it was a spider. I do not know the name of this spider as I did not see it or read about it before. This was my first time seeing it.

I heard a cicada singing on a tree branch. When I approached the cicada, it suddenly flew and landed among the grass(circled). Can you spot it? Find for the red circle. (You might not be able to spot the circle too.)

My father spotted this tiny creature on a stone table. It looked like a spider but my book does not say anything about it. It might also be a pseudoscorpion.

An orange cicada. Spotted it flying. Its abdomen was a beautiful red in colour. It landed on this leaf and I managed to take a photo before it flew away.

A brown praying mantis among the leaf litter. Saw it hopping around. It might be a Dead Leaf Mantis. I expect it hopped around for lunch before going back into hiding.

While on my way out of the reservoir, I spotted a Green Crested Lizard. This creature used to be a common tree lizard in urban gardens, but lost competition to the Changeable Lizard. Now it can only be found in wooded areas.

The lizard saw me and ran into the vegetation. It turned brown. Can you spot it?
We did not see any snakes that day. We were lucky that a taxi came in or we would have to walk all the way out to the main road.

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