Sunday, December 7, 2008

Volunteer in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Yesterday went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve again. This time is for an orientation program for volunteers. I attended a talk on the common animals found in the reserve. These animals include the Plantain Squirrel, the Long-tailed Macaque, the Oriental Whip Snake, the Elegant Bronzeback and the Four-ridged Toad. At around 4.30, I went for a guided walk.
These was what I saw:

Can you spot the Colugo(circled)?

Zoomed in version of the Colugo. I apologise that the picture is blur. My camera just could not sense it. Its quite far away from me. For a better picture of it, go to this website:

A strange, colourful and beautiful insect.

For the rest of the guiding, the guide just talked about plants. After 5, the guiding ends. I went out with my father to get some things for christmas.

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